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Talent Acquistion

We source high calibre professionals in permanent and contract positions at
all levels across the following disciplines:
• Banking and Financial Services
• Mining
• Human Resources
• Secretarial and Support Services
• Sales and Marketing
• Executive Placements


Strategic HR Consulting services in

Talent management strategy as follows:
1. Workforce Planning
2. Induction/On Boarding
3. On-going employee development and Performance Support
4. Succession Planning strategy
5. Critical skills gap analysis

• Facilitation (conflict resolution, team building and strategy mapping)
• Policies and Procedures (updating existing Policies and Procedures or
putting in place Policies and Procedures in accordance with relevant
• Payroll Administration (Weekly or Monthly payroll)


Social and Labour Plan Consulting

Compliance requirement assessment
• HR Development implementation
• Local Economic Development implementation plans
• Programme and project design and implementation
• Impact assessment and monitoring
• Stakeholder engagement